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ORIGINAL_Aziz_Sereen_Awakening_Oil Paint.JPG

Sereen Aziz

Oil on canvas

My artistic journey began by exploring various mediums to create artwork that celebrated the Syrian people’s call for freedom and depicted the country’s ancient landmarks. I felt drawn to the rich and fluid realm of oil painting and soon began to also paint lush landscapes as I see them through my own impressionist lens. 

The central focus on a large moon, adorned with an array of vibrant flowers and leaves in my painting “Awakening” reflects my admiration for the beauty and boldness within nature. The vibrant blues, purples, oranges, reds, and whites echoe my fondness for rich palettes. The dark blue backdrop, reminiscent of the night sky, reflects my inclination for dark sceneries that evoke a sense of enchantment. Creating a space where bold colours and imaginative landscapes coalesce, inviting viewers into a realm of wonder and emotion, is why I paint.

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