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Khakhar, Meghal, Pamper, Acrylic on Canvas.JPG

Meghal Khakhar

Acrylic on canvas

I am originally from India, a physician by training, a MedTech professional by practice and an artist by choice, now residing in Canada for 25 years. Drawing from my Indian heritage and passion for folk art, I express my evolving thoughts through Indian folk art.

Creating art holds a profound significance in my life. As I transitioned my life and professional career from India to Canada, and from medicine to another healthcare-related discipline, I have made personal and professional adjustments that have shaped my perspectives over time.

Amidst these transitions, the act of expressing myself through folk art from India has emerged as a source of deep-rooted connection with my Indian heritage. It is through this creative process that I find a sense of internal peace and harmony. This connection to my roots is vital, serving as a bridge between my past and present, allowing me to embrace both with equal reverence.

In "Pamper," I explore the intimate and tender moment between a mother and her daughter during a hair combing ritual. This scene not only symbolizes the passage of cultural values from one generation to the next but also reflects my journey of personal evolution. Through this artwork, I not only celebrate tradition but also the role of maternal love in caring, shaping the character and preparing the next generation for the world ahead.

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