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Seixas, Jan Elizabeth. Inception. Acrylic paint, texture paste and clay on canvas .jpg

Jan Elizabeth Seixas

Paint, texture paste, clay, on canvas

I create in order to find out who I am.

An idea floats into my subconscious and takes root, like a a tiny seedling, nudging its way into my conscious mind.  "Here I am!  Here I am", it calls.  Action is necessary... I must touch the wet clay; I need to unwrap my folded fabric and  start noticing how each behaves as we start to play and work together.  

This piece is part of a series of abstracted blooms meant to convey a beginning, a vulnerability, but also a solid force.  I enjoy feeling the clay in my hands, and once dry, sanding the rough edges, feeling the textured landscape, reminiscent  of the Etobicoke Creek, where I spend a lot of time - waterside and along the banks in the woods, which are my inspiration.    My sculptural works reflect the organic and ancient edges of tree bark, roots and layers of slate in the cliffs.  

I enjoy the tension between seemingly disparate elements of paper and clay; fabric, stitch and paint.   I'm happy moving between more than one piece at a time and purposely leave the clay in its natural state: porous, open to something more.  I feel a deep sense of belonging to the world and creating helps me navigate it.  I'm deeply grateful for my creative gift - but it comes with a responsibility : to share it with you.

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