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Myers Frank_Quiet Evening At Katherine Cove_Photograph in canvas.jpg
Quiet Evening at Katherine Cove

Frank Myers

Photograph, canvas print

I try to go beyond simply making pleasing images, to hopefully convey something more. I hope my most successful work suggests some deeper meaning, or at least what I was thinking or feeling when I created it.

This plays out in the subjects I’m attracted to: I’m fascinated by the passage of time and what I describe as the tension between beauty and decay. I also find very satisfying work photographing people, especially collaborating to make environmental portraits. In landscapes I’ve discovered that magic happens when land, sky and water meet.

I sometimes witness that magic when I visit the shores of Lake Superior. Despite its fearsome reputation, I often find it calm and serene, as it was this particular evening at Katherine Cove. In creating this image, I hope to convey the serenity of such moments.

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