Mixed-media mosaic on birchwood

20 x 14 inches


2 Brasch, Patrizia, Karesansui, Mixed-media Mosaic.jpg

I am inspired by and create mosaic art to express the wide range of emotions and sensitivities we all experience as human beings. These days, as we try to cope with what is happening around us, much of it beyond our control, we seek out some calmness, some tranquility, to ease our every day lives and give us hope for the future.


"Karesansui" evokes the serenity and tranquility of the dry landscape gardens of Japan. They appear deceivingly simple - just some sand and rocks, some shrubbery, maybe a water feature. Yet these landscapes, founded in Zen ideology, are small, carefully composed arrangements surrounded by a wall, and meant to be seen from a single viewing point from outside the garden.


Inside the garden, the sand represents water; lines in the sand create the motion of waves through patterns called "samon". The rocks in the garden are of varying heights and sizes to represent mountains, and are placed “with their best sides showing” (which means some are leaning) to be seen from anywhere in the garden. The shrubbery adds a touch of nature to the garden. All while you, the viewer, stand outside the garden, taking in it's calmness from a single viewing point.