Acrylic on canvas

24 x 24 inches


16 Amos_Thelma_Venus_acrylic on canvas.jpg

I have a degree in Creative Art Studies from York University with a major in Visual Art. Since retiring from the Senior Arts Consultant position with the City of Toronto, I have mainly focused on the challenging process of non-representational painting. I am a member of the Assembly Hall and Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery Committees, Visual Arts Mississauga and the Colour and Form Society.


Why do you Create? My objective is to incorporate strong design elements - using colour, contrast, and shape to achieve balance and harmony where every mark contributes to the success of the work. For me the joy is in this creative process, in the artwork emerging and revealing itself. It always amazes me. There is also great satisfaction and a sense of achievement in creating something that speaks to me and others. Although the end product is often the focus, the benefits of participating in art are much more intrinsic and varied. My life has been enriched by insightful instructors, the people I have met in classes, exposure to many art shows, appreciation of art history, experimentation of other art media and styles, attendance at out-of-town workshops and tours to local galleries and national museums. When you engage in art, there is a ripple effect throughout your life, opening a world of other possibilities and opportunities to seize.