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Jackie Gallager

Red & Yellow Delight! ~ Forelle Pears

Coloured Pencil on Illustration Board

15 x 16.5 inches



I have had a lifelong interest in drawing and painting.  After a mid-life career change, I set a goal to pursue my art passion with more formal studies (courses) in drawing and watercolour. I am inspired by nature, especially plants which are reflected in my detailed botanical and floral compositions. I choose my subjects to paint by what speaks to me ~ their simplicity, contours, flow as well as their imagery and architectural shapes. 

Forelle pears have always interested me because of their bright greens, yellows and reds, especially the red freckling. Having arranged the pears in several different groupings, I settled on this composition. Although I work in various mediums such as watercolour, pen & ink, and graphite, I choose to do the pears in coloured pencil for better precision and colour depth.

To me, painting or drawing is a creative and exciting journey which may take me outside my comfort zone at times yet always provides an enriching experience that leads me inevitably to its intended destination.

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