Birch Branch with Lichen


Graphite with watercoloured pencils and coloured pencils on Fabriano 140 lb HP paper

17.75 x 18.25 inches


30 Gallagher_Jackie_Birch Branch with lichen.jpg

The beauty of nature and my love of the outdoors is what stirs my emotions and inspires me. I choose my subjects to paint by what speaks to me … their simplicity, contours, flow as well as their imagery and architectural shapes. During this pandemic, subjects for my artwork have come from my local surroundings either within the home or on walks. I found this piece of birch branch with lichen and moss on a walk last fall.  What attracted me to the branch was its various colours - the range of greys, the burnt sienna undertones, the grey-blue lichen and bits of green moss. As I work more in coloured pencils now, I chose watercolour pencils and coloured pencils to complement the graphite. To me, painting or drawing is a creative journey which may take me outside my comfort zone at times yet always provides an enriching experience that leads me inevitably to its intended destination.