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Fulya Bulur

Tulips in Morning Light

Oil on canvas

16 x 12 inches



Painting has been a lifeline for me in my busy life with many responsibilities. Whenever I find a little time, I run to art. Whether it is watching art shows, looking at art books, painting or going to museums, I find comfort in art. I enjoy looking at art at every level: hobbyists, amateurs, experts, geniuses. I find incredible joy in witnessing the pure effort and attention one gives during the act of creation. I find it magical that each human being sees and depicts the same scene or object in such different ways. 

When I grow up, I want to be a painter of light. I like observing and painting light, no matter where it falls. When I see a scene with dramatic light, if I am at the scene, I immediately take pictures. If it is a photo someone else took, I save it. The image stays with me until I finally paint it. Painting a scene that inspires me makes me stay with that beauty longer. I utterly and thoroughly enjoy it. 

The story of this painting: I fell in love with the fresh morning light on the table and the tulips, and the simplicity of the scene. I definitely had to paint it. I thought painting the tulips would be the difficult part, in fact, it was painting the table. I developed a soft spot for the teal color in this painting. I also used it in subsequent paintings.

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