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Lynden Cowan

Oil on canvas

Creating my art is as important to me as breathing. To take a blank canvas and fill it with a scene that holds the viewers attention, brings out emotions and makes them pause and think about the nature that surrounds them, gives meaning to me of why I create.

The earth is not the same earth we knew and related to as when we were children. We have been slowly killing our world and by ignoring the warnings of the scientists, have been changing the environment and influencing climate change. I want people to feel they are part of the scene they see in my painting and hope that by becoming engaged with the artwork, that translates to participating in measures that help our earth.

I am an oil painter, and when working on a piece, I start with a base of Prussian blue and alizarin crimson for dark areas so that depth is achieved, but the skies, I start with cereleun blue for a clean, brighter base. Paintings are done with a series of thin glazes, and I favour triple zero size brushes.

With multiple layer upon layer, I can achieve a naturel look and in some pieces you can visualize the trees moving in the breeze.

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