Lynden Cowan.jpg




Oil on canvas

40 x 30 inches


Artist Biography

Artist Lynden Cowan’s interest in painting began at age eight when she began to create her own art materials from plants and other materials and her mother’s pots. This self- taught artist was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and her Maritime experiences heavily influenced how the artist viewed her surrounding environment, and were expressed in her artwork.

The artist has exhibited in London, Canada and the United States,  and is represented Internationally.

Lynden Cowan is a member of SCA, OSA, CFS, NOAPS, Associate member of Artists for Conservation,  and SOVA, and her studio is in the Alton Mill Arts Centre.

Artist Statement

As a self- taught artist, I prefer oil paint on canvas and for the most part triple zero brushes for working on fine detail. Paintings are meticulously rendered from multiple layers of thinly applied paint, and small strokes pick up the preferred natural light.

 Wild landscape and highly detailed scenes are my subject of choice and I strive to include the viewer in my visual journey and interpretations of the natural world and human nature.