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Maria Bida Albulet

Rainbow Mountain

Oil on canvas

36 x 48 inches



Rainbow Mountain radiates a wide-angle view on all familiar landscape surrounding us. The striking mountainous range is methodically constructed using contrast and meticulously applied color in short, hatch-like strokes. Multiple fields resonate, seeming to attract viewer’s mind with infinite detail and evolving depth. The joyful colors of land happily merge into all surrounding white and blue default background.
Looking at the painting, you may be pulled towards multiple directions at the first glance. The discerned and persistent viewer though, gradually plunges into a maze of lusciously real representations, with references that tug to personal memories and senses in subtle ways, often difficult to identify or directly refer to. It is a familiar and yet intriguing new look at reality, viewed through the eyes of an abstract minded wizard.

“I want to offer the viewer a calm and familiar place that is stirring an inward reflection”.

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