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Christi Anne Abraham

Barn Owl

Watercolour, Acrylic, Ink, and Colour Pencil on Paper

9 x 12 inches



Growing up near a rainforest, and helping my father show tourists the coral reefs of Trinidad and Tobago, I quickly became obsessed with all the fishes, birds, and beetles in my backyard. I use my art to share my love for nature, and reveal the beauty in things we see so much that we forget to really see them. 

My watercolour paintings are scientific but they are also expressive. Each creature or plant I paint, I want to create the feeling and emotion of seeing them for the first time. Barn Owls produce virtually no sound while in flight, and they have incredible eyesight in the day and at night! This is why my Barn Owl painting is so soft and quiet to the viewer. Each tiny detail is complex yet the overall image is on plain white paper, letting the eyes of the owl peer into our own.

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