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morning glory.jpg
Morning Glory

Lin Qiu

Acrylic on canvas

​As an artist who has called Mississauga home for over 25 years, I am inspired by the intricate interplay between history, nature and architecture to create visual narratives that reflect the essence and timeless beauty of this remarkable city.


The Chappell House at the Riverwood Conservancy, standing as a testament to historical elegance, is more than just an architectural subject in my work; it becomes a pathway for me to delve into the harmonious connection between human-made structures and the natural environment that cradles them. The dynamic dance of light and shadow on the house, the graceful movement of leaves on the surrounding trees, and the vibrant burst of flowers in the vicinity all become integral elements in a visual symphony that captivates and inspires me.


Influenced by the Group of Seven, pioneers of Canadian landscape art, I aim to infuse my artistic expression with a similar passion for capturing the essence of the Canadian landscape. Much like these visionaries sought to depict the unique character of our country, my work aspires to reflect the captivating and multifaceted beauty of Mississauga.

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