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Maharani Jind Kaur

Preet Pooni

Acrylic on mixed media paper

Why do you create? 
Is often a question I get asked by many people. My creativity usually emerges through my emotions, passion, and reflection. While I create, I go into a deep meditative state, where I am at peace with my self, my emotions, and my surroundings. The works I create reflect on spiritual, cultural, and historic events. The spiritual work often helps me to ground myself and work on my inner growth. It helps me to focus on the oneness of human kind and the love we all share. 

The Cultural and Historic aspect also plays a big role in my creativity. This allows me to challenge myself to read, learn, and research on events that took place long before my existence. This is my way of learning about my history and my ancestors. The paintings are a reminder to myself and the world to look deep and search for answers.

As a Punjabi-Sikh artist I create religious and historic paintings that showcase the struggles faced by our community. The painting “Maharani Jind Kaur” holds stories of love, courage, and strength. I wanted to learn about her strong personality, and the role she played in the Sikh Empire. As I painted my kids questioned about her and wanted to learn more, I was happy to see their curiosity emerge. My work not only tells stories, it encourages to reflect on topics that are hidden beneath. I want my paintings to be a learning tool for generations to come.

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