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Sciberras Arthur Every Child Everywhere Acrylic.jpg
Every Child Everywhere

Arthur Sciberras

Acrylic on canvas

I create for the joy of it - to be able to express my feelings both simple and profound. The creative process challenges me to reflect deeply and to hone the skills to transfer ideas and convictions.

For most of my career I have created communication art using digital applications. However, recently I have returned to the traditional brushes and paint of my younger self for a creative experience that feels so much more personal. The big difference for me is the freedom to express ideas unfettered. 

The human face has always intrigued me because it conveys so much of the history, character and spirit of a person. The artistic challenge is to interpret the essence of a human life which brings a responsibility to represent another soul with insight and empathy. I tend to include other visual elements to add context which expands the story and creates a narrative around the portrait. 
In this piece I struggle to reconcile humanity’s moral responsibility towards the child with the reality of man's injustice and violence, still perpetrated today, towards the most vulnerable - children. 

         “We estimate that today, 400 million children – or about 1 child in every 5 – are living in or fleeing from conflict zones. Many are being injured, killed, or sexually violated".  -  UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell

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