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Dowsett, Diane, Magma Dawn, Acrylic on Canvas.jpg
Magma Dawn

Diane Dowsett

Acrylic on canvas

I’m a visual artist who loves to celebrate our connection with nature. Through representational acrylic paintings of landscapes, my work explores the power of the image as a way to transport oneself to past experiences, evoke emotions and sensations. A particular colour of sky or a field of flowers acts as a portal to memories. The combination of colour and shapes also produces an immediate reaction; a feeling of connection that can’t always be expressed in words – it just feels right.

Having lived, worked and traveled in many countries throughout my life, I’m inspired by the substantial variations in geography that surround us and how people honour the land in different ways. 

“Magma Dawn” is a great example of my geographical inspiration translated to canvas. The fiery orange tones from this sunrise that radiated onto the clouds, land and water were mesmerizing. Everything I saw was working in harmony and gave me a feeling of such peace. Witnessing that sunrise was a reminder to stop and enjoy the beauty that nature presents, fleeting and ever-changing.

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