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PATROS_Amir_Waraq Enub_2022 (1).jpg
Waraq Enub

Amir Patros

Oil on canvas

Although structure and control strongly influence our mental stability, I would not be who I am today without my imagination. This piece re-conceptualizes a fond memory I had as a child where my mother would pick fresh waraq enub (grape leaf) while my family was swimming at the beach. I shifted my representation of the image so that my young self is collecting the leaves instead. Although the story itself is considerably simple, this memory reminds me of my unwavering desire to return to my younger self. As I have gotten older, I wondered how I could connect to the various intersectional identities I have grown to understand and recognize within my adolescence. One of the results I have come to is that only through distinguished celebrations of culture is when I am able to appreciate these identities. I recall a few of these victories within my childhood, where judgement was scarce, and curiosity was encouraged. With the help of my inner child, I will strengthen the parts of me that have been worn out and abandoned. In due time, I will return to pick up those leaves for myself once again.

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