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Lorraway,Cathy,Reflections of SpringontheTwiss Road Trail,Pastel.jpg
Reflections of Spring on the Twiss Road Trail

Cathy Lorraway

Pastel on paper

I enjoy creating because art allows me to translate the emotional reaction that I have to the natural world around me into pigment. For example, in “Reflections of Spring on the Twiss Road Trail” I use pastel mark making, colour layering and washes on coloured pastel paper to portray the beauty of the depth of life underneath the spring Twiss Pond reflections. Often this emotional reaction happens in a plein air environment, where I rapidly use gestural strokes and colour notes to convey that day’s seasonal colours and atmosphere. From these plein air studies and colour notes, I sometimes translate these scenes in the studio into larger landscapes not only in pastel, but also in acrylic and oil. Occasionally, these plein air studies of local scenes remind viewers of their memories and experiences in a similar place, drawing them into the landscape as well. “While the artist visually describes the scene, it is the viewer’s voice that completes the script with memories and yearnings that are personally meaningful” This quote by Elizabeth Mowry encapsulates what gives meaning to my art-making practice. It is the relationship between artist and viewer and their emotional reaction to a place that gives artwork meaning, creating “poetic landscape”.

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