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Cathy Lorraway

Snow Shadows

Pastel on Archival substrate

16 x 19 inches



“Art is finding beauty in unexpected places”. I enjoy creating because of the joy art brings to myself and the comfort it brings others. Art allows me the opportunity to use media, whether that is brush to canvas or pastel marks on a substrate, to portray my emotional reaction to the natural beauty around me. Often this happens in a plein air environment, where I rapidly use gestural strokes and colour notes to convey that day’s seasonal colours and atmosphere. This might be the changing light and colour patterns of October’s fall leaves, the bluebells of a spring meadow or the long shadows of a setting winter sun on a well worn snowy path as in “Snow Shadows”. My art viewers have mentioned how they have often been comforted by the memories my paintings stir up of familiar local scenes e.g. a snowy path where they often walked. In addition, art has kept me young, as the act of creating is intellectually invigorating. There is always more to learn, explore and experiment. Whether as in “Snow Shadows” it is trying out pastel ground on a pastel substrate treated with a blue acrylic wash or exploring a new colour scheme, media or process. Finally, there is the wonderful art community I have come to know of kindred spirits, both art creators and art supporters, who meet, create and discuss our shared love. Therefore, I create because I find art creation brings not only joy but community.

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