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Sierra Peca

The Women

Oil on canvas

20 x 24 inches



I focus on depicting mundane moments that show a glimpse into the beauty of the human experience. There is a lot of doom and artificiality that drives humanity, but my work hopes to look at the simple beauties that sustain us. It does not solely focus on the extravagant or exceptional, but on regular images of life. With this, I hope that my work brings unity and builds connections among viewers through shared human experiences. 

Although I don’t plan for my work to focus exclusively on sights I’ve seen through my own travel, I’ve found that it’s far easier to find simple moments of beauty and appreciate mundanity as an observer. Similar to art by Caroline Walker and Edward Hopper, my art focuses on a sort of voyeurism and watching of human behaviour. Instead of commenting on loneliness or work, I focus on finding beauty and mixing the personal and impersonal to find this middle ground of connection. 

Currently, my work focuses on Maltese and Italian subjects to be the lens I view the world through as an exploration into myself and my cultures. Although this is not exclusive, it has been a useful tool for me to examine cultural similarities in my own life and to present the world as I know it to others in hopes that people will look at it and see glimpse of their own life, family, and identities.

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