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Peca, Sierra, Nun in Blue, oil on canvas.jpg
Nun in Blue

Sierra Peca

Oil on canvas

As an emerging artist and recent graduate from the joint program between the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, my work has been featured in a number of exhibitions including ones held at the Women’s Art Association of Canada, the Blackwood Gallery, and Visual Arts Mississauga. I have worked as a studio assistant to Tony Scherman, a position that has further inspired my practice and encouraged experimentation with paint application and historical references in my work. 

In my painting practice, I focus on depicting mundane moments that show a glimpse into the human experience with references to human habits and cultural norms. It does not focus on the extravagant or exceptional, but on frozen moments of regular life that, through painting, can become exceptional. With this, I hope that my work brings unity and builds connections among viewers through shared human experiences. 

Currently, my work focuses on Maltese and Italian subjects as the lens I view the world through as an exploration into my cultures and ways of life that differ from North American standards. I plan to expand my references as I travel, but for now, I use my own personal nostalgia to build connections with viewers, mixing the personal and impersonal to find points of connection. This has been a useful tool for me to examine cultural similarities in my life and to present the world as I know it in hopes that people will look at it and see glimpses of their own life, family, and identities.

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