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Worthing Delia Melting Glacier of Jökulsárlón.jpg
Melting Glaciers of Jökulsárlón

Delia Worthing

Photograph on Fine Art Paper

I gather my inspiration to create the images I photograph when exploring the outdoors and unique locations while hiking and traveling around the world. When the opportunity to travel to Iceland became a reality, I gathered my equipment and headed to the land known as ‘ice and fire’ not realizing at the time how exploring this beautiful country would inspire my creativity, challenge me physically, and impact my work.

The landscape in Iceland is ever changing and none more so than the melting glacier of Jökulsárlón Lagoon and it’s 1000 year old icebergs that float effortlessly towards the Atlantic ocean. I was immediately drawn to the dramatic ski and dark, textural tones that are trademarks in my landscape work. I marveled at the size and vastness of these glistening ice formations as I hiked along the edge of the lagoon and captured images of fluorescent blue and black linear lines of sediment that formed deep within the icebergs. 

This photo is the result of detailed planning and a challenging-hike-to location that required physical endurance during a gale force wind and technical experience to capture this unique moment in time. My goal is to translate the emotion of that moment into the finished photograph. My greatest reward is when the viewer connects with my images emotionally: when they say they wish they were there to experience what they see and feel when they view my photographs. 

It is with great pleasure that I share this unique location and moment with you.

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