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Canaviri_Jasmine_nothing couldve_2022_Rug_2.JPEG
nothing could've prepared you for what happened next

Jasmine Canaviri

Hand-tufted rugs on felt (with acrylic yarn)

My practice is about text in all its meanings - “text” as words; “text” as text-iles; “text” as a material to play with and manipulate. My focus is on trauma, identity, fragmented memories, and now, self-healing.

Nothing could’ve prepared you for what happened next (2022) consists of 25 hand-tufted rugs with embedded text. This text is sourced from my writing practice - specifically a document I use to express my fragmented memories, and trauma. Each rug contains only a few words or a portion of the story; not everything is there nor does everything make sense when placed next to another rug as the story changes slightly but the essence of the original experience is still there.

I invite others to move, stack or separate my rugs to tell their own narrative or to engage with other works. I like to give agency with my work as the lived experience behind these rugs comes from moments where I lost agency myself and was silenced.

So to answer the question, “why do you create?” I create for my younger self who didn’t have a voice in these moments and I create for those who are in the process of finding theirs.

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