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Luu, Catherine, Reflections, Pencil on Kozuke paper 1.jpg

Catherine Luu

Pencil on Japanese Kozuke Paper

“Reflections” is a three-piece, 25 x 37 inch kozuke paper sculpture that is inspired by my love for creative writing, journaling, and storytelling. During a particularly difficult period of my life, I grew fond of writing out any thoughts and feelings that came to mind in a consistent manner. In doing so, I practiced cursive writing not only as a skill but also as an aesthetic that ties into my artworks about memory. The writing is a personal touch from my journal entries where I was desperate to confront my inner and deepest thoughts on paper. In its folded form, the text is most visible for showcase. As the pages start to unfold, the writing slowly gets interrupted by the creasing, indents, and memory marking of the paper. The paper is intentionally folded asymmetrically to create abstracted and irregular forms, suggesting that the edges of each sheet are not destined to align.  Symbolically, this notion represents the uncertainties of life, where wanting perfection is flawed. I want to focalize the idea of humanizing art allowing for intimate, raw, and personal moments to be normalized. What is personal to me, may be personal to others as well; it builds connections, prompts one another to have conversations, and overall slow down and cherish these moments that we sometimes ignore in our everyday lives.

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