Atash (holy fire)



40 x 30 inches


I connect with my work through colour, movement and space. The distribution of the colours and the tonality of the colours that create the mood of the painting. I use painting as a language and the movement of the colours are like the verbs. The paintings communicate passion. The size of the painting is essential to understand how I really feel about my work. Making abstract art is like a conversion between me and the inspiration. I use different colours and medians to speak to the canvas. Whatever happens on the canvas is the response that I receive. Abstract art is more than just shapes and colours, it is more like a reflection of a vision. I start the work with random colours and start to connect with some spots. This leads me to visualize a scenery that’s similar to the colours and the shapes and I build off of that. I have a few ideas of shapes and colours when I start the art work but I am never fixed on those ideas. The ideas are mainly affected by my mood and feelings in the moment and as the process goes by, I feel as though I am transferring my feelings into a spiritual energy that I transfer onto the canvas.

18 Daie,Parissa,Atash,Acrylic.jpeg