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Monique Campbell

Portrait of a Flemish Man

Digital Photograph on Hannemule Paper

11.25 x 16.5 inches



Monique Campbell observes the light that shines through the cracks illuminating the world both literally and figuratively. As a result of a mother who was affected by World War ll in Belgium, a harsh childhood, and experiences of chasing fire trucks and ambulances as a photojournalist, she developed an extraordinary sensitivity to her surroundings, situations, and other people's emotions. Her raison d'etre for creating is to mirror back to people the extraordinary world that she encounters. Monique captures moments in time that most people pass by without noticing and take for granted. A compelling photo in her eyes is one that lingers in the minds of viewers because of its emotive quality and light expressed.  As such, the Hamilton photographer's chosen genre of art is humanist street photography.

When making the image, Portrait of a Flemish Man, Monique was reminded of her late Mother and her Belgian heritage in the man's expression and features. Moments like this one are why Monique creates and shares her art. Her soulful images reflect a personal story and allows others to identify with their own narratives. Ideally, she hopes to encourage people to be more empathetic and compassionate with one another while realizing that everyone has a story they may not have heard.  

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