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Monique Campbell


I love to capture ordinary moments with my camera and show them to the world through my photographs. I'm motivated to make images of scenes and moments that most people pass by without a second glance. These are the reasons why I create my art.

In 2022, I was traveling back from Petty Harbour to St. John's, Newfoundland when I saw at the roadside an old Pontiac parked in front of a garage. “Stop the car, stop the car,” I implored my chauffeur to pull over. I got out quickly to make the shot and off we drove again.

When I got home to Hamilton, I used Lightroom software to enhance the light and darkness I saw originally in my mind's eye to create my piece “Twilight.”

While editing, I was inspired by master realist painters including Mary Pratt, Christopher Pratt, and Alex Colville from Atlantic Canada. I have studied their art for decades and have a great appreciation for their work. Their focus on Canadian subjects and settings, the use of detail and colour along with an emphasis on everyday life influenced my photograph's post production.

The “snapshot aesthetic” of my image appears at first glance to be simple but upon further inspection it is quite complex with the light emanating from the garage to add another dimension. The tilt of the car also lends to the narrative of the photograph.

Creating story-telling images that linger in the minds of viewers brings meaning to my art-making practice.

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