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Facts That Feel True


Metal car door 

48 x 41 x 6 inches


Artist Biography 

Studying psychology at Ryerson University with a concurrent art practice, psychological aspects of everyday life and contemporary issues inform my work. Through photography, found objects and time based performance, I explore cognitive conflicts and subliminal influences. Conceptual notions dictate materials used, often through re-construction and repurposing. My photo work, Still Life No.2 2017, was selected for the 2018 Chang School Photography Exhibition and the 2019 group show Kinda Ready at Toronto’s Luanda House included my textile works and gas can sculptures.

Artist Statement

Facts That Feel True offers a found car door and true/false questions used by psychologists to diagnose mental disorders etched into its metal surface, exposing external social influences and their impact on the individual. Fear and stress are responses to perceived or real threats and repetitive behaviour offers relief. The ritual of inscribing serves as a liberation from anxiety for the artist while also oppressing the maker with questions regarding what or whom society chooses to value or neglect. The discarded object references those cast aside and asks who or what is worth saving?

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