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Tatiana Fryntov

Do Not Disturb

Oil on canvas

30 x 24 inches



Every person has their right to privacy. It is an obvious statement that the viewer can draw from this painting. But there may be other interpretations as well. 

Fragility. Fragility of childhood. Fragility of happiness. Fragility of peace and calmness. Fragility of purity. Please do not break, smash, ruin, destroy it! Because sometimes it is easy to do so. As a mother of two daughters it is a matter of my concerns.

I wanted this painting to stand out more as a statement than a narrative. A blindfolded girl symbolises serene calmness, though fully aware of some disturbances that may happen to her. This is why I put a sign with a crossed camera in her hands. The turquoise, blue and green shades of the flickering sequins on the sleeping mask on her face relate to a warm  gentle ocean with its soothing breeze, which can turn into a disastrous monster caused by a devilishly strong wind in a matter of minutes. So it is a relatively peaceful state of being, and very uncertain too.

To make the request in her hands attract more attention I depicted her 3-D look-like face  as a part of the framed painting on an almost flat white background, an almost invisible torso in a white t-shirt, which is only implied by a couple of white brush strokes and the words on the t-shirt Live Love,  with her hands projected from the picture thus making them be more part of the viewer’s world, and casting shadows on the wall beneath the painting’s frame.

As a model I took my elder daughter Erica. Her slender physique perfectly suited this role.

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