Oil on canvas

24 x 18 inches


9 fryntov-tatiana-question_mark-oil-on-canvas_.jpg

Tatiana's daughters are her muses, and a great deal of inspiration. They appear in her figurative works quite often. In this painting the artist wanted to capture and hold for an ever-lasting time the transience, purity, and wonder of the early childhood of her daughter AnnaBelle, with its utter happiness, enjoyment, endless fantasy and creativity, and overwhelming love to everyone and everything surrounding the child, and a strong belief that everything always is going to be all right. Although being on a positive side, the artist ponders numerous questions in the work: What future awaits this little flower? Is she going to live and enjoy her life in full, or is she going to fight for it? Is she The Ruler of HER life, of HER world? Is she a creator and achiever of all of her aspirations and goals, or is this not enough for success and some supernatural powers are needed to make her dreams be realized? Is this just a utopian picture or is it a possible reality? Is her visual fragility a strong side of her inner self? To emphasize the delicateness of this little child’s world, to make a stronger difference between our physical reality and a 2-D picture the artist used pastel pink colour scheme, and incorporated kids drawings into the background. Although there is a true likeness of AnnaBelle, the artist does not consider the painting as the portrait of her, but rather a representation of all the little humans and their questions.