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Soumya Shree


Acrylic on red ochre paper

34 x 22 inches



Art has the capacity to move people and create a lasting impact on individuals , and nothing could do it better than a simple Folk Art. Folk Art. Indian folk paintings are veritably India’s pride. Indian paintings have been in the forefront for their superior creative & imaginative skills. To the layman, the unique and the most unusual Warli tribal Art forms of India, may not be more than just an eye-catching stick figures painted in white on red ochre background, but a closer look will tell you that there’s more to Warli than what meets the eye. The painting is not just an art but its an emblematic expression of day-to-day experiences and beliefs.

The Art work signify man's harmony and balance with the universe and harmony with each other. The Painting is a scene that contains various elements of nature including people, animals, birds, trees, rocks etc. The thread that binds all these elements are social events. Men and women symbolise the circle of life. The “Tree of Life” represents the inter connectedness of Living and Nonliving things in the Universe. The roots of the tree of life spread inward to the Earth, thereby accepting nourishment from Mother Earth and branches that spread outward to the sky accepting energy from Sun. Rising to the tunes of early morning "Nature" calls for rejoice of daily routine. Our ancestral roots are embedded in less complicated life style creating a balance in Eco system by distribution of daily work. Life is a beautiful cycle of living by the day light and closing activity by dawn. With community Gathering there is a complete Insurance of each others support in every challenge. Living with the knowledge and ethos of what Nature offers retains happiness throughout our life.

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