Water color & ink on mix media heavy paper

11 x 17 x 1.5 inches


31 Shivani Ray_TREE OF LIFE 11-30-2021 19.23.jpg

The Question Why I create had me thinking, I started making note of things/feelings I had when I thought of the tittle, I create for Inspiration, to give and get inspired.


'Tree of life' represent who I am and how I play with my medium. 'Tree of Life' is inspired from Madhubani Painting also known as Mithila Painting, originated in Bihar, India. This painting is usually done with twigs, fingers, brushes, nib-pens and matchsticks using natural dyes and pigments. Originally Madhubani Painting mostly depict people and their association with Nature. The Theme of the painting is originally based on a philosophical concept and and has vivid connection to Life, is widely popular style in Madhubani Painting.


I choose to Paint 'Tree of Life' as it inspires me, I have practice this style over and over for a long time and I always come back to it for my Inspiration.