Transportation Proud


Graphic Design Illustration on Canvas

16 x 20 inches


27 Clarke_Sandra_Transportation_Proud_Graphic_Design_Illustration_on_Canvas.jpg

Craftivist, Sandra Clarke, has been untangling skeins of yarn + making useful shiny things for over 30 years. Born in the colourful, celtic, Montreal neighbourhood of Griffintown, + educated in Montreal, New York, Winnipeg, Vancouver + Toronto, helped Sandra develop her eclectic style. Her textile + fibre arts + courses include; embroidery, weaving, spinning, sewing, felting + knitting. On the shiny arts side, she creates + teaches; fused glass, beaded trees of life, jewelry + button making. Her art can be seen regularly in boutiques, galleries, + online. Sandra illustrations are featured in ecology themed colouring books that can be found on Amazon, art galleries + in her courses. Nature themes are also explored in Sandra's illustrations, both graphic + by hand. Using Adobe Illustrator Sandra creates colourful, multi-patterned designs representing nature, ecological + community themes. Patterns are largely featured in Sandra’s art. She employs the Fibonacci Sequence, non-euclidean mathematics, and fractals in many of her art forms. She teaches art + art business courses online, in galleries + schools. Sandra gives traditional arts a contemporary life while still retaining practicality + function. Fueled by the fast-fashion rebellion, visible mending + craftivism, Sandra's no-waste philosophy results in ethically made + thoughtfully re-fashioned textile art. Sandra lives with her husband + children, dividing her time between her home in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada + her off-grid cabin-in-the-woods near Algonquin Park in Highlands East, Ontario.