Swimming For It


Mixed Media

36 x 24 inches


35 a peter reitsma_wolf.png

The multiple forms of beauty surrounding us stuns me. Equally astounding, human activity can decimate that beauty. The earth appears in the middle of all that. Humans participate with mother earth, or desecrate earth with market driven resource extraction. Between these opposites, I find material for creating art as well as my ultimate reason for creating art. For example, a wolf finds itself caught in a wild overflowing river, in southern British Columbia. I want to paint a nature scene. I want to paint flooding and how it affects wildlife. The wolf is alone, hungry and wet, away from the pack. She may survive this adventure with a changing climate. That is the question. The reason I create is to paint questions about us sharing nature with all living beings with all the skills I can muster. This preoccupies all my time.