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Pamela Dey

Late Fall Woodland

Oil on canvas

20 x 16 inches



My Landscape paintings are my expressions of changing dimensions of light and shadow which are also my source of creativity. The effects of light, the quick fleeting moments, the rustling of the leaves, the sudden sweet call of the woodland birds cause my senses to peak and my creativity to blossom.

I get inspirations from taking frequent hiking trips, bike rides and kayak trips. I often do Plein Air studies that I would typically do larger paintings from, in my studio. The lasting impression of the places are carried into my Artwork through my studies, sketches, color notes and composition. However, in my final piece by instinct I bring on the magic using my full artistic licence and aesthetic sense combined with what I actually saw and felt. 

As an Artist I want to transform the ordinary and not-so-ordinary into something that is extraordinary.

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