Graphite on watercolour paper

10 x 12 inches


12a Quinn, Paige, Anura, Graphite on watercolour paper.jpg

In my artwork have been exploring the idea of reuniting and reconnecting with nature, either in marriage, in death, or in bodily transformation. The figures in my drawings and paintings are caught in the act of transformation and spiritual catharsis, becoming whole again as they connect to the earth and other creatures. Merging and shifting with their environment and emulate other creatures in a process to become closer spiritually with the unknown. Their bodies wracked with the changes that the earth inflicts when working in extreme environments. Anura is an ode to what inspires me: nature and our relationship with nature. The woman in Anura is posing as a frog in meditation, effectively becoming one in spirit with another creature. The intensity and emotion of the drawing reflects my inspiration taken from my experience as tree planter in northern British Columbia.