A Dream of Spring


Mixed medium on canvas

20 x 16 inches


In my practice I think less of what the final painting or sculpture will look like, instead I turn my focus towards the mysteries of the process. Through my work I am not necessarily painting or sculpting to express an emotion rather what it feels like to have it and being in the act of processing it– feeling it all the way through. I am interested in this process and how with our human follies we are able to learn and relearn our life’s lessons, how our stories continue and not how they end. In the last 18 months I’ve evolved from a mixed media painter to working with clay and painting on large scale canvas. I work on raw, unstretched canvas, staining it and building it slowly through layers. Reacting to the initial marks I decide what to redact and what to punch up as texture and compositions emerge. The canvas gives a lot of feedback, in its raw form it practically breathes– just like clay. Both canvas and clay ask for time, so that is what I give. Getting my work to this scale on canvas and into 3d with clay has allowed me to closer approach my goal of building an immersive experience by creating a world. Increasingly, I am interested in performance and creating a video record of the process. I experimented with this during my residency on the Toronto Islands and I’m planning to continue that work in my practice.

1 Berda_Oksana_ADreamOfSpring - 16x 20in- mixed medium on canvas.jpg