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Natasha Beaudoin

Happy Birthday Neha

Oil on canvas

20 x 24 inches



The painting is of my dear friend Neha. Her Birthday falls on October 30th and she decided to have a Halloween-themed party. The image captured was a moment from that event, where she is wearing part of her Teletubbies costume. I choose this image specifically as it perfectly encapsulates Neha. She is a joyous, lovely person, who can easily light up the room.  It was very fitting for me to paint someone like her as she represents perfectly the reason why I paint. I create work for others. I do it to see them light up when they see my work. To spread joy and show them why I love art.  These reactions are what motivate me as an artist to create and share my work.  Another common theme in my artwork is the utilization of popular culture, social media and nostalgia to fabricate an emotional connection with my audience. Often referencing trending topics within the youth community, as means to engage with them specifically. This can be seen in Neha's choice of costume as a Teletubbies and the birthday party setting.  My work also incorporates unconventional materials and techniques, such as the use of vibrant colours, all to further its childlike and youthful quality.

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