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Michelina Williamson

Harbour Haven

Acrylic on canvas

20 x 16 inches



Emotion is at the essence of my paintings. It is the foundation, the core from which my art emerges, develops and manifests into a physical form. I strive to capture the emotion held within places, revealing their beauty and inspiring feelings of joy and serenity. 

I use a minimalist approach to painting in that I strip down a scene or subject to its essence. Then I use only what I feel is necessary to convey the emotion held within and infuse those elements with rich, bold colours. I work from sketches, photos and my imagination to create art that you can feel. My painting process is a delicate balance between colour and composition choices and the intuitive expression of paint application. 

Artists who have influenced my work include Georgia O’Keeffe, Carmen Herrera and Doris McCarthy. My style and subject matter have developed through a natural progression of learning about myself, finding my voice and expressing it through my art.

I find lighthouses captivating, their history, purpose and design. In the painting, Harbour Haven, bright sunshine and calm waters give a sense of warmth and serenity. The wildflowers grow from the rocky terrain and embrace the man-made structure whose function is a towering symbol of respect for the power of nature.

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