Patel, Melissa, Convergence.jpg


Convergence & They Move Mountains


Oil paint on paper

18 x 24 inches


Patel, Melissa, They Move Mountains.jpg

My artwork explores concepts of escapism through the creation of ‘dream-spaces’ and collective memory. The dream-spaces blur lines between realistic representation and abstraction while collective memory is the memory of a group of people, passed down from one generation to the next. Both are a diluted combination of thoughts, feelings, and events and are not an accurate account of reality, but a sentimental, idealized version of reality. Taking this already distorted account of reality and further re-imagining it, I create my own fabricated memory or story represented through art. I have a keen interest in exploring the relationship between dreams and memory and how these subconscious states alter my view of the world.


This diptych highlights the growth of my artistic process, while revisiting elephants as a symbolic element in my artwork - first explored in the “Golden Elephant Series” (2014), which examined the relationship between sentimentality and symbolism. Elephants invoke concepts of memory, patience, wisdom, stability – elements which artists often utilize to create their paintings. Memory and wisdom being the intellectual elements needed to understand art and compose meaningful work, while patience and stability are the physical elements needed to carry out the sometimes-difficult task of creating art. “Convergence” visually expresses coming full circle. Reflecting on the growth of my artwork, while also taking a moment to acknowledge what has remained unchanged. “They Move Mountains” expresses continued development and change, merging some old ideas of symbolism into photogenic abstraction - a visual concept I began to explore in recent years.