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Melina Cossio

Through Lines

Oil on canvas

24 x 30 inches



I’m an artist who is meticulous and detailed yet enjoy leaving some texture or unfinished brush strokes.  By doing this, my art is interactive as it leaves  room for the observer’s imagination and interpretation. I am impressed and inspired by what both nature and humankind create. To understand our surroundings, I enjoy taking pictures on my road trips.  The pictures that motivate my curiosity and move me, inspire me to create my own version of it through my artwork . I focus on capturing my emotions using vibrant colors, and blue tones are my favorite. My personality is cheerful but deep down I like to make my pieces contain a bit of nostalgia. Life is complicated and sometimes hard. I face life with authenticity and a positive attitude, so I like to project emotions such as calm, joy, and sentimentality. My art is relational and how I connect meaningfully with people.

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