Maureen Paxton.jpg


Bead Red No. 2


Oil on canvas

40 x 30 inches


Artist Biography 

Maureen Paxton lives and works in Hamilton, Ontario.  She paints, draws, writes and has also taught, most recently at Sheridan College (Oakville).  She has exhibited in solo and group shows, in commercial, public, artist-run galleries and has been awarded several OAC/Canada Council grants, both for visual work and writing.

Artist Statement

Bead Red No. 2 comes from a group of paintings, each riffing on the notion of 'still life.'  Bones figure prominently but I also use other effigies for the figure, be it human or animal and everything in between - tchotchkes, our little golem, plus flowers, another motif for life and death.

The beads in Bead Red No. 2 are open to interpretation but I often think of them as ciphers for blood and its cycling within the body: we are circles, our lives never quite stilled.