Old Walls


Oil and cold wax on wood panel

16 x 20 inches


18a Perdue, Mary, Old Walls, Oil & Cold Wax.jpg

The current painting is from a series exploring the nature and beauty of aging, as expressed by the old stucco walls of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. There, many of the walls are painted in earthy shades of red and blue. Various over-lapping coats of paint cover the cracks and textures that have occurred with time. The walls contain barely visible treasures within, such as wonderful courtyards and gardens. Similarly, the cracked and wrinkled skin of an aging woman’s face is the external expression of a lifetime of vast untold experiences. The use of oil and cold wax in my painting results in a surface that can be textured and coloured to depict my subject (aging walls/faces). 


Mary Perdue is a painter, multimedia artist and fine art photographer. She has been exhibiting her art pieces for over 20 years, some of which have won awards, in both solo and group shows. She has published two books of fine art photographs. Mary particularly enjoys painting with oil and cold wax as well as using multimedia, incorporating both photographs and paint. She is an active member of the Toronto Heliconian Club where she has chaired the Visual Art Section and was the president from 2015-2018. She lives in Oakville where she has a studio and home gallery.