Lesia Shipowick.jpg


From the Ground Up


Acrylic on paper

30 x 22 inches


Artist Biography

Lesia is a visual artist whose evolving artistic journey of exploration and learning has directed her from the security of her representational watercolours with their recognizable form and structure, to the surrender required for a more expressive style of abstract/non-objective art.  She broadened her artistic skills and outlook by taking courses with notable Canadian artists at various Schools of the Arts throughout Ontario. The creative inspiration discovered here, pushed her to experiment with further techniques as a means to finding a personal artistic path.  Lesia is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, the Colour and Form Society where she is an executive/committee member and the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, On. branch where she contributes her graphic design skills.  Lesia exhibits her work throughout the GTA and surrounding communities and has received numerous awards. Her paintings are held in private collections across Canada.

Artist Statement 

For me, abstract painting provokes inquiry; I find it to be both intriguing and infinite in possibility.  Change is a constant in my work and strongly driven by the adage “For every action there is a reaction”.  This guides my technique and I as an artist, follow that momentum.  Often, I use the remnants of an older painting as the groundwork for further exploration, integrating the existing surface with an evolving colour palette, spontaneous form, intuitive mark-making and abundance of detail. Whether it is abstracted-realism or non-objective, my work may allude to something recognizable but usually, it simply forms the underpinnings for the viewers’ own imagination. I want to elicit personal interpretation and encourage the viewer to step forward for closer observation.  I am enamoured of colour, form and texture. How I utilize these techniques and approach the subject matter will constantly change, but that leads me to new artistic challenges.