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Laura Barbiero

Pandemic Chaos in the City

Street Photography: Laminate on 3/8 Wood Board

30 x 24 inches



I create Street Photography art by looking through the lens of my digital camera, capturing the essence of candid photography of nightly cityscapes and humanity. I am inspired to amplify my inner emotions by filtering the city's torpidity and bypassing human beings wandering on empty streets. I am focused on the vital elements of flashing coloured lights and heightened compositions for evaluating my cityscapes. A definite connection with conveying no detours ahead.  

I create Street Photography art to move through my creative process of expressing my emotions, imagining, reflecting, evaluating through conceptual disarray chaos. I am narrating my life's plan, which way to proceed in my own journey. Carefully taking steps into unknown territory. Lost in the distance, my eyes perceive through my lens that connects to what is unknown. By the click of a button, not knowing how the image generates, I seek a magnetic memory that helps me escape the realities of the crisis of our world.

I create Street Photography art to consciously suppress and escape the real world, but also admit my emotions through a creative streak that simulates a psychological flashback of an odyssey voyage and dysfunctional space. I am captivated by glowing  lights in the city’s nightlife and drawn to the madness during this ongoing pandemic. Searching for a depiction of our distorted, divergence of social society. Resonating on my bare walls, determining the city where we live, a moving sense of loneliness and isolation. My art exhibits impressions with a blurred outlook and shares the need to condemn for a brighter future.

…The beginning of an Artist relationship, between self awareness and social freedom.

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