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Kiran Kudva

Midsummer Rain


16 x 20 inches



I create because I cannot do otherwise. Taking pictures is something that I do every single day. In my studio, the camera faces the garden - ready to preserve the sighting of birds, changing of light, rain or snow, anything and everything that has captured my attention over the course of my day. 
Water droplets have always mesmerized me. In fact, I have taken a photograph of water drops streaming down the car window in the car wash. Yes, it’s true, my camera goes everywhere with me. 
With this photograph I want to emphasize what remains unseen in this image. Imagine the world within the water drops, from the soft bokeh to the playful shadows, as it draws you in. I like to show the beauty of nature around me, through my lens. I am especially inspired by nature’s intimate and subtle details such as the ants’ trail, the varying shades in a tree’s leaves, the patterns in the clouds, and the ripples caused by tiny insects sitting on the lake’s glassy surface. My hope and wish is to show you the things that I see. 
Creating that magic-moment enables me to relive that moment many, many times afterwards. I like to call myself a gatherer of moments. 

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