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Katarina Holbrough


Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

32 x 44 inches



Through my paintings, I am exploring how the body interacts with time. How we occupy a space, transcending the concept of a linear timeline. I am really interested in exploring the community aspect of time, specifically how generational knowledge can occupy space after death- separated from time. 

With my paintings, I am taking past present and future and simultaneously bringing them into one frame. I reference old family photos, layering in a photo of my local Toronto environment, crossing the past with my present. The figure’s gaze, pulling the future audience into the frame. The process of gathering the old images is very important to my process. Physically gathering the images, hearing the stories, and having a conversation with my family. This is an integral aspect of looking at time in a non-linear way- I am using community and language to bring the past back to the present. 

In my work, I'm trying to make sense of my own reality, while maintaining a connection to the frames outside of my own consciousness. It's a way for me to explore how I occupy space and interact with my community.

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