Oil on linen

30 x 24 inches


10 Karim Machado Aman_Remembrance-OilonLinen-24Inchx30Inch-2020.jpeg

"Remembrance" is the portrait of my father, Khalil. My father, on top of everything, has gone through Joy, Loss, and traumatic events from witnessing the war in Afghanistan which resulted in the loss of his 2 brothers to witnessing the birth of myself, his son, to then seeing me go through similar traumatic events. He has, through it all, stayed as strong as anyone I've ever known or come across. I create out of a yearning to stay connected, whether it's painting my friends or family. Yet I always find myself returning to paint my father every year. My father inspires me to create as he has shown me what a true human being is, whether it's him falling asleep on his favorite chair after work or dressed in my leather jacket and boldly holding my "The Strokes" Vinyl, he is the epitome of inspiration to my work.