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Jude Marion

Lift Bridge


24 x 28 inches



I am a wanderer.


I have always been a wanderer – even as a child, much to my mother’s chagrin. It’s a practice that allows me to feed my curiosity about the world around me.   

My medium of choice is photography, a practice that allows me to scratch my creative itch.  

As an adult, a day well spent combines these two practices.  I satisfying my visual curiosity by wandering with camera in hand, to capture those things that catch my eye. 

I enjoy exploring my surroundings, seeing what’s around the next corner, down the next block.  And I enjoy photographing those curiosities I encounter - the everyday - those things or moments that might otherwise be overlooked or unappreciated.  I capture these images to share with the viewer, sharing how the world has revealed and presented itself to me.  

Lift Bridge shows a series of massive steel girders which support the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge.  In my wandering, I was able to get close to the side of the bridge and zoom in. I’ve been able to capture the supports as an abstracted series of lines and angles, repeating patterns, all enhanced by light and shadows. 

Approximately 25,000 cars cross this bridge each day. However, this everyday scene which may appear as a blur to passing drivers, is presented in this image to the viewer for consideration.

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