Jordan Dunlop.jpg


Exstended Mind


Acrylic on plexi glass

31 x 31 inches


Artist Biography 

Jordan Dunlop exhibited art from an early age and continued throughout his adult life. His intention is to engage art with a child-like enthusiasm. This is made evident through voluminous output of drawings using Magnum Sharpie's, many small sketchbooks and reclaimed objects to paint on.

Artist Statement

Jordan Dunlop’s recent paintings explore gestural abstraction allowing intention and chance to develop naturally. Jordan paints on plexi-glass and believes the most beautiful marks lay hidden from the viewer. Painting on the front and reverse side of the picture plain is a method he describes as dyslexic alchemy; a dual sided method of painting utilizing both sides of the plexi glass.

This painting explores consciousness and the nature of mind. Jordan is interested in depicting both our objective perceptions of reality in our daily lives as well as our internal conscious experiences. This dualistic relationship described above echoes Jordan’s attempts to paint on both the front and reverse side of the picture plain.