John Richer.jpg




Oil on canvas

24 x 36 inches

Artist Biography 

John Richer (b.1973) Flamborough, Ontario, was introduced to art at an early age by his grandmother.

He spent most of his childhood exploring the woods, fields and streams on his grandparents’ small farm - the perfect place to awaken creative expression.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts at York University, John earned an honours diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration at Mohawk College. He pursued a profession as a Graphic Designer for 15 years with various design and printing firms.

In 2008, he and his family had the opportunity to purchase his grandparents’ farm where he spent so much of his childhood growing up. His career in the graphics industry was ultimately not fulfilling his creative drive, so he grasped this opportunity to move back to his roots. John set about small scale farming, followed a more traditional lifestyle and began to develop a reconnection with the land.

By 2017 he made a resolution to commit himself to the practice of traditional fine art. After exploring many genres such as printmaking, hyper-realism and illustration, he has since settled upon oil painting as his medium of choice.

Artist Statement

My art is a reflection of my inner self as I seek to understand and interpret my environment. I hope to capture the connections that link us to objects, places and other people in my paintings. I strive to induce an emotional or psychological response in my work, hoping this may in turn resonate with my audience.