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John Hutchison

Peaceful Loneliness

Water-soluble oil on gallery canvas

24 x 16 inches



While Covid19 initially brought about feelings of depression and isolation, being on the lake up north with friends last summer helped me breath again. It brought back memories of my summers in the Laurentians and the calm that ensued resulted in this piece entitled,  Peaceful Loneliness. Although still  representational in its style, this painting is more about a feeling than it is about painting the landscape literally. 

John is primarily a landscape artist and an active member of both Visual Arts Mississauga (VAM) and the Burlington Fine Arts Association (BFAA). John received an honorable mention in VAM's member's show in 2021 for his painting entitled 'Sunshine Through the Sliding Door'. You can view this painting and others on Instagram @ jhutchisonstudio.

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