Senator Restaurant Window


Mixed Media on Aluminum

30 x 20 inches


22 Lawton, Jennifer, Senator Restaurant Window, Mixed Media on Aluminum.jpg

Every time I walk by a window, I am lured by the juxtaposition of the window dressing with the reflection.  It fascinates me to try and represent the two different worlds through a marriage of mixed media: My personal photography with my painting, covered by epoxy resin to represent the reflective surface.


Once the image is complete and hung, there comes another reflection into play: that of the situation in which the painting hangs and the viewer reads it. The intricate details of each layer create a surrealism of modern times.


I have worked on a Reflection Series twice, with a long absence between them. My first was completed around 2010 and debuted at the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair to great acclaim. Two things then occurred: I felt the overuse of epoxy resin by other artists in subsequent years detracted from the reason *I* used it (the window effect); and I was also diagnosed with a recurring cancer that has caused me to abandon my artwork until recently.  Thankfully I have been declared cancer-free and am now building up a new body of work, one of which is submitted here.


I am moving to an urban area after 5 years in the country and look forward to many more opportunities in finding inspiring reflections.