Acrylic on canvas

36 x 24 inches


19 Jaya Datta _Liberate_ Acrylic On Canvas.jpg

Art allows me to express the reality of the world by making it my own, through interpretation and imagination.


My university education (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Banaras Hindu University in India set the tone for my pursuit of the arts. My paintings have been featured at exhibitions in India, Canada, United Kingdom and Turkey. I have been an elected member of prestigious ‘Ontario Society of Artists’, ‘Colour and Form Society’ Visual Art Mississauga and Mississauga Art Council.


My paintings are a reflection of my life experiences, and observation of human relationships. I paint as I feel, not as a physical likeness, but as the entire presence of emotions and senses. I express my thoughts through human forms. I use bright and bold colors. Every form in my artwork has a purpose and is interconnected that allows me to tell a story. I am working in acrylic and oil mediums, which enables me to be more creative.


Ultimately my intention as an artist is to create colorful and simple art that conveys human emotions, evokes positive feeling and can be enjoyed by everyone.


My painting ‘Liberate’ is symbolic to Liberty and pursuit of freedom. It hurts me to see a trapped bird in a cage with limited mobility. I find it similar to the oppression still faced by some communities in this world. Freedom is the most important necessity of any living being. It should be the basic right of everyone.