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Isaac Lotz

Drift II

Digital art printed on Archive paper

20 x 28 inches



Exploration is the word that most comes to mind when I start a new digital artwork.

I love how digital painting allows me to airbrush one minute and seamlessly switch to pencil, watercolour, charcoal, collage, or paint the next to create my large colour field compositions. I spent years using traditional mediums but couldn’t express my ideas fast enough and became increasingly frustrated. With my digital pieces, I see them come to life instantly. I have always felt joy working in the digital world since purchasing my first computer in the early 1990s.

Since switching entirely to digital in the spring of 2022, I have already created over 300 works. I start with lines and then add large forms of patterns and colour.

The works have a soothing, calming effect as I continue to “explore” this exciting new media.

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